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The National Federation of Fishmongers is the first official body representing the retail sector of the fish industry

   - our aim is to unite retail fishmongers within an organisation which can speak with one voice whenever and wherever necessary, to help safeguard both their interests and those of associated trades, throughout the British Isles.

The Federation was formed in 1932 to protect and further the interests of the Fishmonger and associated trades. During the second world war, membership stood at over 9000 members and despite the changing market, supply situation and pressures on the independent retailer, we still represent approximately 50% of independent fishmongers.

Today the Federation is recognised as the voice of the retail fish trade by Government departments, other trade Federations and Associations and by official bodies such as Seafish and the Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation.

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Members are directly served by the Federation's Head Office and its branch association the London Fish and Poultry Retailers Association. Management of the Federation is in the hands of a democratically elected council which normally meets every 3 months and deputes more routine work to an Executive and Finance Committee.

Sub-committees are formed for the organisation of events such as the British Fish Craft Championships™ and other programmes. The Federation is also represented by selected members of the council at official meetings concerning such matters as Training, Aquaculture, Legislation.

With the exception of the secretary, all members responsible for the administration of the Federation give their services free on behalf of their fellow traders.

The occasions when the opinions of retail fishmongers as a body need to be expressed are numerous.
With government departments and other statutory bodies wielding such power in matters affecting trade and industry the Federation is constantly being consulted regarding proposed legislation or regulations. The Federation regularly meets with the Sea Fish Industry Authority to establish the needs of our sector.

If you would like more information on joining the national federation of fishmongers, please dont hesitate to contact us!

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