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October 2011

Herring Cup resurfaces after more than 20 years!!
The Herring Cup that resurfaced yesterday is one of 12 Cups given to the National Federation of Fishmongers, by the Fishmongers Company in 1939, one for each regional association.
Due to the onset of the Second World War, the Competition was put on hold.

This cup was the Welsh Cup and has four winners badges, all dating from the mid to late 1980's, twice won by Ashton's of Cardiff and twice by Coakley Greenes of Swansea.

This cup was discovered in Scotland and was brought to Fishmongers Hall by Ken and Anne Welch.

The curator of the Fishmongers Company said that she was aware of the whereabouts of one other cup, which is in Northern Ireland, this one was the only one that she has actually seen.

In the photo below with the cup are its most recent winners, John Adams of Ashton's and Francis Coakely Greene of Coakley Greenes.

If the whereabouts are known of any of the other cups, please contact Head Office.

Herring Cup

Herring Cup