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28th November 2011

For information: Food Standards Agency publishes 2nd edition of cross-contamination control Q&A
The Food Standards Agency has published the second edition of the Q&A on its guidance document 'E.coli O157: control of cross-contamination'.
The updated Q&A is available at
This new version of the Q&A addresses a number of issues that have arisen since the original document was published in June 2011.
Among the issues addressed are:

  • expanded information on the scientific basis of the guidance
  • a definition of 'complex equipment'
  • detailed advice on 'temporary clean areas' applicable to ALL food businesses
  • advice on the preparation and use of fruit and vegetables for ready-to-eat foods
  • advice on the use of probe thermometers

The Agency will continue to respond to all enquiries about the guidance, and has set up a dedicated mailbox at to receive these enquiries.
The Q&A will continue to be updated when new issues emerge.

7th November 2011

Tim Silverthorne (Treasurer of the NFF) attended a conference at Fishmongers Hall on Monday 31 October;

The Fishmongers Company Conference was very well organised and over 100 delegates attended with 12 speakers. Everyone stayed awake and stayed until 5pm! Commissioner Maria Damanaki opened 1st, painting a bleak picture - 75% of the stocks are overfished and only 8 are sustainable.

Other topics included marketing, national controls, selective gear, banning discards - but it was not all bad news, there will be boosts for aquaculture and support for local fish communities.

She was followed the governments chief scientific adviser talking about the challenges for 21st century. Much was made of food security and the needs of feeding 7 billion people. This included marine renewables, changes in marine behaviour, rebuilding world fisheries, the ecosystem, fisheries - all including science Old and New which we think is the is the right way to go.
For a full report please contact your NFF representitive.

4th November 2011

Get into Fishmongering with Billingsgate Seafood School
The Seafood School, together with the London Fish & Poultry Retail Association are now offering a free (subject to agreed funding) introductory seminar to anyone who wants to get into the trade and become a fishmonger. Fishmongering can be exciting and rewarding; however access into the business lacks a formal training route. This course is aimed at people who are not currently in the trade and is designed as a taster into the Seafood Industry. The day is also for people who are looking at setting up their own seafood business or for small businesses who would like to develop their staff.

Thursday 8th December 2011 - 6.15am to 1.30pm
Class Size: 4-8

What to Expect
Our aim is to offer a practical and motivational introduction into the basics of fishmongering. There will be 'hands on' experience preparing fish, together with an introduction to Billingsgate Market. We will also offer direct contacts with our network of companies that regularly employ staff. Places on the course will be strictly limited. The day starts with a market tour at 0630, followed by hands on knife skills for the rest of the morning. After an informal lunch (eating some of the morning's fish) there is time to discuss individual's projects in a workshop environment.

Who should attend
Attendees are usually considering becoming a fishmonger or setting up their own fishmongering business. What you take home During the day you will be preparing a selection of flat and round fish. Often some of this fish is cooked up as part of a simple lunch. Any fish that is left over attendees can take home. Can I buy Fish You can definitely buy fish during the Market visit and although we have limited freezer space we have a good fish chill to look after your fish during the course.

For futher information please contact Billingsgate Seafood School Directly by Clicking Here..

1st November 2011

The latest edition of the Billingsgate Gossip is now available to read it please click here