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Autumn 2013

18th September 2013

Latest on apprenticeship incentive funding

Latest on apprenticeship incentive funding age 16 to 24 grants

The Apprenticeship grant for employers (Age) for 16 to 24 yr olds aims to support businesses who would not otherwise be able to take on an apprentice with a grant of £1500 for each apprentice. Up to 10 grants can be claimed by an employer. These grants apply to England.

Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland may also have support for small businesses. For example in Wales there is a wage subsidy available to employers.

Some Local Authorities will top up the grant, for example top ups of the grant to £3,000 per apprentice are currently available in Birmingham, London and Liverpool. This is in addition to any apprenticeship funding that is available nationally to support the actual delivery of the apprenticeship programme.

Apprentices recruited through your local job centre can also attract additional funding. For up to the minute advice and guidance on apprenticeship funding AND incentive grants please contact an apprenticeship provider or the National Apprenticeship Service on 08000 150 600. The Age 16-24 leaflet is available on the Fish Frier Latest News page at

"The grant could be used as a contribution to wage costs or to pay for a fish frying training course or one of the Federation's distance learning programmes for example" said Lee Cooper at the fish friers meeting in Burnley on the 10th November 2013.

The full leaflet and contact details for anyone who is interested in learning more can be found by clicking here.

18th September 2013

Billingsgate Seafood Training School

An almost FREE City & Guilds course running over 2 days on the 22nd and 23rd October;

Funding is available for anyone who wants to get in to the business, they would have to pay a deposit of £300, and then get £250 back on completion of the course - the other £50 is towards the cost of the fish they use. Candidates have to pay their own way to get here and a hotel if they need to stay overnight between the 2 days.

The course covers knife skills, knife safety, care of equipment, fish storage, some sustainability, a lot of species recognition, seasonality and alternatives to offer customers. It is only for those recently come into fishmongering or those who want to start up a fishmongers business.

To find out more or book your place, please click here

9th September 2013

Community Supported Fisheries Conference with Monty Halls

Saturday 21st September 2013
Portland Square Building, Plymouth University
Free to attend, includes lunch and refreshments
Registration opens from 9 am for 10 am start, finish around 4.30 pm

Community Supported Fisheries (CSFs) represent an opportunity for people to support their local sustainable Fishing boats. This conference, supported by Plymouth University's Marine Institute, brings together experts in conservation, legislation, and the fishing industry, as well as members of Catchbox, the UK's only CSF. Hosted by BBC presenter Monty Halls, this is a one off opportunity to learn how to set up your own CSF.

This initiative was highlighted in the 2012 BBC TV series, The Fisherman's Apprentice.

Register your place today

Please note if you wish to bring a guest, please forward across the registration link for them to fill out.

For further information about the event contact:

9th September 2013

Britian and the Sea 2 - Reliance on the Protection of Britain's Maritime Interests

Friday 13th September, 2013
Portland Square Building, Plymouth University
This one day symposium costs £50 Standard Delegate Rate and £35 Concession Delegate Rate
Registration opens from 9.30 am, finish around 4.30 pm

A one-day conference organised and supported by the Maritime Foundation and Plymouth University Marine Institute exploring the importance of the sea on Britain’s wealth and prosperity.

The first “Britain and sea was a huge success, and Britain and the Seas 2 will build on this to develop the themes initiated in the first conference and look at the reliance of Britain on the seas, the way in which it protects its interests and future challenges.

It will seek to answer the questions; How reliant is Britain on the sea for its wealth and prosperity today and are the necessary material and legal assets in place to protect its interests in a future global market?

Register your place today

For further information about the event contact:

29th August 2013

2013 British Fish Craft Championships Results

the full results of last weekends British Fish Craft Championships are now available including all awards winners and prizes - please click here to view.

27th August 2013

Mike Crates wins the 2013 British Fish Craft Championships!

After 41 attempts Mike Crates of E.Ashton Fishmongers Cardiff has finally got his hands on the elusive title of British Fish Craft Champion.

He lifted the new Fishmongers' Company Shield in front of a full house at the British Fish Craft Championships at Cardiff Bay on Sunday Evening.
(A video of the presentation can be viewed by clicking here!)

His winning presentation brought to a close the best and biggest Championship so far, with record numbers of competitors including many new faces competing back to back throughout the day to try and win the coveted title. Many other awards were on offer throughout the event and were closely fought by a dazzling display of skills from all competitors.

The event was a great success and hugely popular with members of the public who not only supported the competitors throughout the day but came to watch some of the many fish preparation demonstrations throughout the whole weekend, four days from Friday 23rd through to yesterday August Bank Holiday Monday - though worn out, the whole team were kept going by the fact that the audience was full awaiting more demonstrations!

Full results will be posted on our British Fish Craft Championship page this week, along with photographs from the event and awards. You can find more pictures from the weekend on our Facebook page with more coming soon.

The National Federation of fishmongers would like to give thanks to all of the sponsors; their donations made the event possible, helping us to promote the fishmongery trade throughout the UK - find out more about any of our sponsors listed on our British Fish Craft Championship page please visit their websites for more information

We must also thank all of our helpers and workers that give up their time to keep the event running, many of who work tirelessly throughout the weekend to help make the event as special, and growing year on year - not least the compares, demonstrators, fish sales team and floor crew.

A special thank you also to competition organiser, Mr Gary Hooper, who has given up his time for months in the run up to the Championships to arrange the many things needed to make the event happen!

2013 Sponsors