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National Federation of Fishmongers - British Fish Craft Championships 2011®

The competition is returning to Cardiff Bay for the third successive year as part of the Cardiff Harbour Festival 27th – 29th August 2011.
There will be loads to do for the whole family, with a feast of nautical events which include:

Saturday 27th – Displays, Cooking and fish preparation demonstrations by some of the most talented fishmongers in the UK!

Sunday 28th – The National Federation of Fishmongers - British Craft Championships™ 2011 with competitors from all over the UK taking part with spectacular skills exhibited by skilled fishmongers and beginners alike!

Monday 29th– More Displays, Cooking and Fish preparation demonstrations, culminating in the staging of the Welsh Oyster Opening Championships 2011. Will Mike Crates maintain his title of Welsh Oyster opening champion for the second year running?

There will also be numerous stalls and attractions which should mean that there is something to interest everybody. Further information about the Harbour Festival is available at